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Roundtable on Business and Human Rights in an Era of Anti-Globalization

March 30, 2017

Lead Organizers: Stephen Park & Glenn Mitoma

Since the adoption of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights five years ago and the development of National Action Plans on business and human rights in numerous countries, the political landscape on both sides of the Atlantic has been transformed by the ballot box victories of the Trump and Brexit campaigns. These are but two examples of a growing opposition to global interconnection—of cross-border trade of goods and services, movement of capital, migration of peoples, and global cultural norms—that defies simple political categorization. This roundtable brings together perspectives from government, intergovernmental organizations, industry, advocacy organizations, and academia to think through these dramatic developments as a challenge to, and potentially an opportunity for, current practice in business and human rights. Anticipated outcomes include a published report on the roundtable’s proceedings, findings, and conclusions; and identification of priority topics for further study, discussion, and elaboration. Participation in the roundtable is by invitation-only.